Nothing can keep you more joyful in winter than the warmth provided by a nice fireplace. This because the season is characterized by extreme cold. Therefore having an outdoor fireplace will go a long way in maintaining springs warm atmosphere. Firepits will provide you with a way to prepare your food outdoor, heat during a cold evening and a good warmth in your house during cold seasons. For you to choose a good firepit you must consider its, design that is portable or permanent, source of fuel which can be wood or propane, size and finally its features. Below are some of Best Fire Pits of 2019;

Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit
This fire pit is made of durable steel which is coated with sturdy powder to prevent it from rusting. Its unique design helps it to provide spectacular warmth and a beautiful view of the fire through the cutouts. It’s very economical having in mind that it uses wood which is the cheapest fuel. Apart from having a screen which protects you from the flying sparks the fire pit is also designed in a unique way which make it easy to be cleaned. It’s also important to note that it’s a potable pit fire hence it’s small in size and light too.

Endless Summer LP Gas Outdoor Fire bowl
This fireplace is made of stones while its burner is made of stainless steel to avoid lusting. It uses propane as its fuel. Despite all this it’s very light hence it’s a portable fire pit. The fire pit also has a unique design such that the gas tank is properly concealed which make it even more presentable. Unlike the wood fire pits, it’s slightly expensive since it uses propane. On the brighter side, you don’t have to worry about the ashes. Finally, it has a control panel which helps you to easily adjust the fire intensity and size.

Treasure Antique steel wood burning fire pit
As the name suggests this fire pit use wood which means it’s economical. The fire pit is made of steel and its very light hence it’s a portable fire pit. Like the Landmann 26364, Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit it also has a screen protector which protects you from the sparks and its design also allow you to a view of the fire through the cutouts. Some of its advantages are that it can hold a lot of firewood and its legs a made of sturdy making it even more attractive.